LumeJet prints deliver in the "ultimate test"


Overall winner– Alessia Francesca

The London School of Photography unveiled the winners of the 2014 LSP Awards Photography Competition on 2nd December. At a ceremony in the ME Hotel in Central London, Alessia Francesca Muoio was unveiled as the overall winner.

Part of the prize packages for all winners and runners up was LumeJet prints or a photobook of their work. Commenting on the inclusion and importance of high quality prints as part of the prize, Debbie Castro, Director of Training, London School of Photography & Professional Photographer said: "As photographers, the print is our ultimate test. With this in mind, I am extremely particular in the execution and final outcome. The paper used, the finishing, the faithful translation of details and depth, all vital ingredients, silently adding to the viewer's ability to transcend, to get absorbed, to experience our photographs fully, whatever the subject, whatever the message or emotion.

"LumeJet has exceeded my expectations, my vision of what was possible. I am truly amazed. The colours are so intense and vibrant, with an almost 3-D effect that inevitably grabs your attention, embracing your experience to new emotional heights.

"To date, LumeJet is the best print and photo quality that I have ever seen in the market. Competitively priced and most of all, effectively beautiful."

The competition was run in partnership with the National Theatre's hit production of The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time, by Mark Haddon. Entrants were asked to submit photographs inspired by the theme "Curious London". The entries were divided into four categories: "Curious People", "Curious Pets", "Curious Places" and "Curious Underground". Photographers could enter up to 10 photographs into each category.

After seeing all the prize winners LumeJet CEO, Paul Anson said; "The standard of the entries was amazing, both in technical quality and artistic interpretation of a challenging topic. As a company we are delighted to contribute to the development of these hugely talented photographers."

While LumeJet technology is based on the silver halide process the company has developed much more in the traditional print sector. However, the ultra-high quality output of the LumeJet is increasingly being sought after by professional photographers who work at the top end of the market.

Award winning celebrity and fashion photographer, Ki Price, is convinced it is the way forward. "LumeJet quality printing is what the world of photography has been waiting for. This is the whole reason that camera manufacturers have been making such high end cameras such as the Canon 5DMk3 and Nikon D810. Only the LumeJet can produce the quality of print needed to properly showcase this new cutting edge camera technology. The bar has been raised by this new level of print quality and high end photographers like me are understandably excited at the possibilities for our work."