Newtech continues to succeed with localised trade exhibition events


At LFR we've always been a fan of open days and regional events.  In an industry that often needs to demonstrate products and services to busy owner-operators that are strapped for time, the onus really is on the suppliers of those products to get up off their bums, and metaphorically take that mountain to Muhammad.

Newtech’s series of printing and graphic shows continues its success with the latest event at Ultima Display’s premises at Corby, Northants. Both visitors and exhibitors alike were delighted with the event which features new products for the wide format, DTG, Screen and Display markets.

Following the event, comments included:

‘Very rewarding. I’ve found new innovations that I didn’t know existed. Also other suppliers of my existing products which are more competitively priced. Much more manageable at this size of event.’
Terry Guyton (Norfolk China)

‘I enjoyed the way it’s set up. It’s friendly, you’re able to have 1-2-1s. Well organised with a good working environment where exhibitors are trying to help with solutions rather than trying to sell so that the visitor can learn more about the product and understand it.’
Rahet Shah (Slick Rhino)

‘A very good smaller show which offers excellent time with each exhibitor. The bigger shows are noisy and it is often difficult to hear what exhibitors are explaining if they have time to do so at all. This is far more intimate with not too many exhibitors. It is just right.’
Anne Warren (Bedford Borough Council)

‘This show is really very good. We go to all the shows, but this one is more in-depth. We have found new products and it is good to speak face to face with the exhibitors finding out what we need to know. We had half an hour with a technician finding out about software. There was also good food laid on. This show has definitely been of benefit.’
Alan & Karen Bowman (Yellowsub Ltd.)

Newtech rolls on to Botleigh Grange in Southampton on March 10th and 11th, 2015.  For further information or to register as a visitor, please visit