Pure Digital exceeds visitor targets showcasing inspirational Creative Print

Pure Digital was used by exhibitors as a platform to demonstrate the innovative potential of digital printing applications for the creative community.

Pure Digital, the Digital Print Event for the Creative Industry, (17-19 April at the RAI, Amsterdam, collocated with Building Holland Show) has been hailed a huge success by organisers, exhibitors, partners and visitors.

Attracting over 1000 visitors to see its 35 exhibitors, event delegates from a diverse section of the creative community and graphic arts markets, gained the inspiration, knowledge and contacts for the creation of unique and awe-inspiring digitally printed applications.

Bridging the gap between the print and creative industries. Pure Digital was used by exhibitors as a platform to demonstrate the innovative potential of digital printing applications for the creative community.

Predominantly, visitors attended from the Benelux region, in particular, Dutch visitors made up the largest proportion with 79.6% of visitors. However, 38 countries were represented with the next best represented being Belgium (8.1%), Germany (5.5%) and the UK (2%).

Marcus Timson, Co-Founder of Pure Digital comments: “We are delighted with the success of the show. Pure Digital was created to connect the creative industry with the unique potential of digital printing, and in particular, showcase short-run décor and retail applications. Despite the technical advances in digital printing, surprisingly, digital print still only accounts for 3% of all printing. According to Pure Digital research, the main reason for this is considered to be the disconnection between print and creative industries.

“Visitors were asked which industry they were attending from and 52% defined themselves as being part of the creative industry, with 38% from the print industry and 9% ‘other’. A focal point of the event were creative applications, with a mission to bridge the gap – this was considered by visitors as a huge success. Our educational programme was also very well received by the packed audiences who attended sessions throughout the 3 days. Given its success, we look forward to developing, and growing Pure Digital in 2019.”

Very deliberately, Pure Digital was launched in Amsterdam as the City is widely considered to be one of the leading European creative hot spots. Amsterdam currently has over 40,000 people employed in the design, advertising agency and creative sectors – with the wider Dutch print and sign industry amongst the most innovative in the world.

Exhibitors were supportive and positive about the success of the first edition. Here is a collection of comments and impressions from exhibitors, speakers and visitors from Pure Digital:

Christoph Gamper, CEO, Durst: “We know our customer community within the large format graphics market very well. At any major graphics show we mainly (90%) see people we already know. I am a believer that we need to meet people outside of our immediate customer base to understand what our ‘customers-customers’ want. The creative people are now the people we need to know and understand. Our decision to participate in Pure Digital, and reduce our appearance at traditional graphic shows reflects this. For a healthy future, digital print must break new boundaries and connect with new communities, only by committing to this will this technology demand continue to grow and develop. Pure Digital as an event and initiative is something that Durst supports, the first show was a good step forward and we look forward to being part of its continued growth, development and success.”

Interior designer, Hil Driessen: “The Pure Digital program will enable synergies and cross-fertilisation across the different creative and the digital print sectors. And it was also a nice event to meet and discuss with people and to get an idea of possible new applications, and the most recent developments for the interior, retail and hotels sectors. Collaborating with FM Brooks and the Pure Digital team was also an enjoyable experience.”

Terry Raghunath of HP explained, “What I liked most about Pure Digital is the collaborative spirit that it engenders. What the organizers did very well, is to bring a very diverse, and yet, like-minded people together who are all pitching in to develop a new Print Community. The networking opportunities at the show were excellent. I gained valuable contacts with architects, designers print companies, press reporters, and also print media manufacturers. The nicest way to meet interesting people with relevant knowledge is when you have time to talk and the surroundings that stimulate good conversation. Well done, and thank you, Pure Digital!”

Mathew Faulkner, Canon Europe: “I very much believe in the approach to ‘bridge the gap’ between the print service provider and creative communities. When we can inspire creatives from sectors as broad as architect, décor, retail and packaging about the possibilities of print, it is clearly a way to ensure continued growth and development of the use of these print applications. By bringing together people who might not regularly have the opportunity to network, it uncovers the full potential of both existing and new markets. Pure Digital was a success as it committed to this clear mission, and will undoubtedly develop into an event that is widely recognised as the place to go for creative inspiration for digital print. We look forward to contributing to its future development, and building on the foundations of the event and its community.”

Dennis Hoogendoorn, Canon Netherlands: “At Canon, we fully believe in the endless possibilities of print for interior décor, retail and packaging. So from the start, we supported the vision of Marcus and Frazer to bridge the gap between the print and creative industry. Even though Pure Digital didn’t reach the initial amount of stand-holders and visitors, we see this as a starting point of an industry-wide approach to inspire and bring the industries together. To create an Eco-system, where the print industry can unleash the power of print, while educating the creative industry of the endless possibilities that print can provide to their business. I would like to congratulate FM Brooks on realizing the first milestone in this journey!”

Muriël Knippers, Antalis Benelux: “Antalis looks back on a successful first edition of Pure Digital, the digital print event for the creative industry. As a European specialist in materials for visual communication and media for Large and Small format printing, this was a unique opportunity to show our new generation of materials. In our pop-up store, visitors were able to gain inspiration and experience the creative freedom with our product range for interior design. With this event, the Pure Digital organization has achieved "bridging the gap" between creatives and the print industry. We look forward to the next edition of Pure Digital and in the meantime: Print your creativity!”

Sabrina Slagman of Probo: “Probo chose to take part in the Pure Digital Show because as an innovative organisation we support new and innovative initiatives regarding print. The aim of Pure Digital was to bring people together to learn and connect in new ways and to showcase creativity instead of machines or materials. This aligns with our vision of inspiring (potential) clients with surprising ideas on how to use the products and helping them in growing their business together with us. The dynamics of our networking café next to the educational sessions created a positive vibe. We look back upon a refreshing event of which the organisation wasn’t afraid to approach the traditional printing exhibitions in a different manner.”

Frank Seemann, Erfurt: “Myself, Erfurt and Juicy Walls were delighted to be a founder exhibitor and wallcoverings ambassador for the launch of Pure Digital. We truly believe the mission of bridging the gap between the creative and print sectors must be done for the future positivity of digital printing technology. The first show connected us with some really interesting people, whilst the conference which was nearly always full provided a really useful platform for sharing new developments and ideas with a creative audience. We are keen to be part of its continued development and look forward to the next edition of the Pure Digital Show.”

John Corrall, IIJ: “IIJ joined Pure Digital Show as a founder exhibitor as our technology offers a unique freedom to designers and creatives for outstanding digitally printed wallcoverings. This event, despite not being large offered us a very targeted way of meeting new people interested in the potential of our technology. Visitors were updated on IIJ’s development of a full speed industrial wallpaper-production capability using digital technology developed in collaboration with our partner Konica Minolta. The solution competes with conventional printing methods on productivity, print width, speed, ink performance and cost-per roll and gives designers the freedom they just don’t get from traditional analogue wallpaper printing technology. Visitors have been taken aback by just how good it all looks, these are perfect examples of how the digital technology has progressed and we have been delighted at the response from visitors to our stand.”

Johan Bonner, Director at Squid: “Innovation is all about doing new things, not just thinking of them. With interior design as the next potential growth market, Pure Digital is the first show that spotted the niche and put the focus on content to bring interior designers, architects and printers closer together. The conference program provided different angles on the challenges and opportunities this market faces, and delivered great insights on how to put this content to good use in any market approach. An excellent platform to not only build the future of interior design, but also access the print solutions you need to realize it. Pure Digital wasn’t a show, it was a schooling in innovation.”

David Radtke, Sihl: “Pure Digital offered Sihl a really good opportunity to connect with designers, understand their needs and show the endless opportunities using digital printing in combination with Sihl media particularly focused on digital decor. We were happy to be a founder exhibitor and look forward to how Pure Digital develops into the future.”

Ron van Rijssel, SI’BON: “Working together with Pure Digital perfectly aligned with the kind of vision and thinking we endorse for the future. Our members and we believe we must connect the sign industry with the creative industry more effectively in order for us all to benefit into the future. The show itself proved a really effective method for networking, for profiling our award, and for meeting new people we would not have previously met. We look forward to SI’BON continuing to be a key partner for Pure Digital and contributing to building success and growth.”