Truly inventive imaging solutions: Innova Art has got you covered at SGIA

The Aqueous Direct Print Photo Wrap comes with a semi-gloss, canvas effect embossed surface and is ideal for home décor or exhibition display.

Looking for truly inventive imaging solutions – innovative media that delivers cutting-edge print, with all the traditional virtues of image quality and durability? Innova Art has got you covered.

Join our team at booth #4259 at SGIA Expo, New Orleans, October 10-12, to discover products that will fire up your customers – and supercharge their spending. Don’t forget, we feel the same way you do about this business – it’s always about more than paper…

ES Finesse

Eco-solvent printing – packing cost-effective print with all the right environmental credentials – has been the industry’s big hit in recent years. All that it’s lacked is the diversity of substrates that made inkjet printing so revolutionary.

So, here’s what we did: develop a new range of Innova Art range of eco-solvent fine art papers. Our aim is to offer the best of both worlds: the distinctive tactile qualities of old-school media – weight, texture, tone – with the superlative image quality you’d expect from a paper specially designed to bring out the best in the latest generation eco-solvent printers. 

Choose from:

• The Décor Art ES Cotton Soft Texture 330gsm (IFA92), with the soft surface texture of an etching paper and a natural white tone that perfectly complements art and photographic images. As a 100% cotton paper, it also offers the unsurpassed archival quality of traditionally made cotton papers.

• The Décor Rough Textured Art ES 260gsm (IFA 93), a bright white watercolour textured art paper designed for value-orientated, high-volume print shops. The brilliant white base ensures maximum colour intensity.

• The Décor Velvet Art ES 300gsm (IFA 94), a velvety smooth paper which produces both bold, vibrant colour and consistent tonal range.

Combined with Eco Solvent, Latex and UV inks, these papers guarantee outstanding results from eco-solvent printers. And they’re all available in the sizes a volume operator needs: 25m rolls (3" core) and in widths of 60”, 54” and 30”.

Direct Print

Direct print speeds up the printing of products but the JetMaster Image Display System has also accelerated their manufacture. You really can make stylish 3D art in minutes, which is why JetMaster won the highly prized Innovation Award presented by the United Kingdom’s Fine Art Trade Guild.

The Aqueous Direct Print Photo Wrap comes with a semi-gloss, canvas effect embossed surface and is ideal for home décor or exhibition display. Simply feed the panel into your inkjet printer and print using a poster board media setting. Take a minute to fold over the sides and secure them with pins, then to insert a back panel for extra strength and a neat finish. And that’s it: a 3D artwork in no time at all – no specialist tools or skillset required. The lightweight prints can also be stored and shipped flat without damage.

The JetMaster UV Direct Print Photo Panels are an equally speedy solution for frame-free block mounts for the desktop, counter or wall printed direct from the printer.

And at SGIA, we’ll be raising the curtain on our latest innovation: a new range of aluminium sheets for dye sublimation printing. While that’s tantalising we know, you’ll have to come to the booth to find out more.

When Pictures Are The Walls

But it’s not just about pictures on walls these days, is it? Sometimes the pictures are the walls

The Innova Art Wallpaper Smooth Paste-Up ES 180gsm (IFA 98) offers a truly immersive visual experience for all your senses via large-scale murals and room-size designs. As easy to print as all our other Eco-Solvent media, the Wallpaper Smooth Paste-Up ES works just as well on latex and UV-inkjet compatible printers as on eco-solvent machines. Our wallpaper is compatible with a PVA-based wallpaper adhesive so anyone can do the paste-up, and the scratch-resistant coating makes it the no-sweat option for high-traffic areas. Available in 25m rolls (3" core) and in widths of 60”, 54” and 30”.

The Wallpaper Paste-Up ES follows another of our recent successes, the YouTac eco-solvent and aqueous print range. Whether you’re printing bespoke wallpapers or exclusive limited edition prints, YouTac Textile’s bright white base and matte coating means brilliant colour and reflection-free images. And you’ll love the subtle way the textile weave adds texture.

YouTac Textile can be applied to all non-porous and many porous surfaces, while the polyester base means it adheres silkily to curves and corners. Just as importantly, the unique properties of our specially developed YouTac adhesive ensure graphics pull away cleanly, without damaging surfaces or leaving any residual adhesive.

Available on rolls of 30m long and in widths from 17″ to 60″, YouTac Textile means stunning wall art is compatible with pro desktop and large-format printers.

Hey – and don’t take our word for it! We’ve always asked artists and photographers to roadtest our products to ensure they meet their expectations, too. Come and see for yourself just how good the results are with stunning photographs by Jim McHugh of old Los Angeles, as well as some collaborative pieces he has made with LA graffiti artists Prime and Big Sleeps.
Did we say ‘immersion’? You’ll feel the better for diving in. Which goes for every aspect of the Innova Art experience. See you at booth #4259 at SGIA Expo, New Orleans, October 10-12.