08 Dec 2021

HP announce the Latex R Series printer for the latex printing of rigid media

HP R Series Latex rigid Printer

What is the HP Latex R Series?
HP will launch a new rigid printer at FESPA, the Latex R-series, that will feature a ‘newly formulated for rigid’ latex ink.

Where can I see it?
The HP Latex R Series will make a public debut on the HP stand (Hall 3.2 Stand C20) on May 15th at FESPA in Berlin, Germany.

When can I buy one?
The HP Latex R Series will be available during Q3 of 2018

How much will the HP Latex R Series cost?
There have been no price announcements as of yet, but as Latex is a technology that has been focused in the signage and décor markets, we are going to assume a price point aimed at transitioning customers from roll-to-roll up to rigid printing.

The initial feeling here at LFR is that this will be a signage printer, aimed at those who wish to, in the words of HP “expand their offering into new, high-value applications”.

However, please understand that this is pure speculation at this point. You’ll of course find out more by visiting HP at FESPA.

Is it a new latex ink formulation?
Yes, this is an entirely new latex ink formulated specifically for rigid printing and these inks will be competitively priced versus UV.

How about ink durability on rigid materials?
A new ‘overcoat’ technology will allow durability that will meet or exceed that currently provided by UV inks. It’s important to note that this ‘overcoat’ is not a post treatment or a varnish, rather it is an integral part of the new ink formulation.

So here, without further ado, is the HP Latex R Series press release in full…

  • First true hybrid HP Latex Printing technology, offering both flexible and rigid printing with HP Latex Inks
  • Introduces HP’s White Latex Ink, an industry breakthrough
  • First solution to produce totally odorless flexible and rigid prints with eco-friendly, Original HP Latex water-based inks
  • Enables Print Service Providers to expand their offering and enter new markets

Today at ISA Sign Expo, HP Inc. announced the HP Latex R Series, HP’s first latex technology capable of printing on flexible and rigid materials with HP Latex Ink. The HP Latex R Series brings the most vibrant colors into the rigid printing world, and pioneers white ink capabilities with the introduction of HP Latex White Ink.

Equipped with a single, six-color ink set, the HP Latex R Series technology delivers unprecedented quality at speed, and is the first, true hybrid latex technology that merges HP’s renowned flexible printing capabilities into rigid printing.

The HP Latex R series brings unparalleled quality to a wide range of rigid materials, such as foamboards, foam PVC, cardboard, fluted polypropylene, solid plastics, aluminum, wood and glass among others. Unlike UV printing technology, which creates a thick layer of ink that completely covers the material and requires time to dry, HP’s water-based Latex Inks preserve the look and feel of the media, and delivers odorless prints that are both safe for the environment and the printer operator.

“The HP Latex R Series is remarkable for setting up new industry standards in quality and enabling Print Service Providers to produce stunning rigid and flexible prints,” said Joan Perez Pericot, General Manager, Graphic Solutions Business, HP Inc. “Our customers can expand their offering into new, high-value applications while also opening fresh creative ideas and concepts for sign and display that provide their users greater value.”

Tackling one of the industry’s most pervasive limitations in printing, HP’s White Latex Ink has an innovative system that recirculates the white ink – both within the ink delivery system and at the printhead – to avoid settling. It also has a unique storage system with automatic agitation for when the ink is not being used to minimize waste. For the first time, HP’s innovative White Latex Ink delivers glossy, high-quality “true white” that doesn’t yellow over time like traditional UV-based white ink does.

“White ink has been a consistent problem for the industry. Traditionally it uses bigger and heavier pigment particles that frequently clog printheads, or the opaque mixture becomes separated and settles to the bottom of the ink reservoir. Until now, physically shaking the reservoirs often has been the necessary solution,” said Thom Brown, Chief Inkologist at HP. “Through HP’s investment in innovation around chemistry and engineering, the white ink solution with the HP Latex R Series is an industry breakthrough.”