21 Feb 2024

ArtSystems provides London fun without the commute

ArtSystems Egg Hunt LFR

Easter is coming early this year and to celebrate, Nottingham-based graphics materials and hardware distributor, ArtSystems, will be running a fun, online promotional activity for its resellers. In March and during the run up to Easter Sunday, resellers simply register and then pick a station from the promotional site when they place their first order of the week to see if they have found a chocolate egg (or rabbit).

Paul Tarry, ArtSystems’ Consumables Sales Divisional Manager, explained, “Our resellers work hard all year round and we know they also have a lively sense of humour. We feel that giving them the chance to win a chocolate egg for doing what they will doing anyway will tickle their funny bones. And it’s not just about chocolate! We’ll also be giving away Red Letter Days on some stations, so some lucky people will get the chance to win a very special day out.”

Paul continued, “The hunt will be run each week in March until the Easter weekend. There will be no chance for duplications. Once resellers have picked their station we will ‘close’ them and then ‘reopen’ them the following week. We’ll keep registered resellers updated so they can see how everyone is performing, but they’ll only see the winning station names so everyone playing will remain anonymous. It’s just a bit of fun but it’s also our way of letting resellers know how much we value them.”

For more information, please visit www.artsystems.co.uk.