HP PageWide XL 8000 arrives at Perfect Colours

HP PageWide XL8000 LFR

Perfect Colours says it has become the first adopter of HP's breakthrough PageWide technology. Not only did the UK reseller order the very first unit anywhere in the world, it has also received the first installation in its country of the HP PageWide XL 8000, making it the only post-beta location to date that users can visit to see the machine in action.

Interested parties can book a demonstration at Perfect Colours's London premises by visiting its new, dedicated microsite at www.perfectcolours.com/pagewide. As well as answering a thorough list of questions about this disruptive print technology – which is distinctive for its use of an array of large, single print-heads – users can request a visit to find out if the technology is suitable for their business.

Anticipating significant demand in its core markets of graphics and technical production, Perfect Colours has created a dedicated team to handle the ordering process from customers for print's most disruptive technology. The PageWide Unit, steered by sales director Jon Telling, will lead clients from choosing the right machine to installation, optimisation, training, media management and applications development.

The installation, in early August, took a little under six hours and includes the implementation of HP's on-board SmartStream software, which leverages data and job submission to take full advantage of the speeds achievable using PageWide technology. Customers can therefore service rapid turnaround requirements for a wide variety of applications, including architectural drawings, posters, point-of-sale artwork and other key print-for-pay output variations.

When HP opened up its order process, Perfect Colours's managing director Jason Burroughs was the first in the world to confirm a purchase. "We're confident that PageWide will be a game-changer, which is why we were determined to become an early adopter," comments Burroughs. "We invite our customers and any prospective buyers to come in and find out why."

Perfect Colours will supply the full range of HP PageWide printers, as well as HP SmartStream software, as it becomes available in stages over the coming months. Small quantities of the PageWide XL 5000 can be bought from October 2015, according to HP's latest information, and the XL 4500 and XL 4000 MFPs will be on the market from January 2016. The XL 8000 is available imminently; businesses are advised to lodge their interest as soon as possible due to the anticipation of high demand.

HP's PageWide XL 8000 can reach speeds of up to 30 A1 pages per minute and offers a wealth of productivity features, including in-line stacking, a dual ink supply with hot-swap functionality and rapid time-to-print. The manufacturer says it will set 'a new technical standard' for its class, outshining LED-based rivals.