Landa publishes Nanographic Printing Process whitepaper

Landa Nanography

Landa has published a white paper providing informative insight into the Landa Nanographic Printing™ process, also known as Nanography™. This new category of printing combines the versatility and short-run economics of digital printing with the qualities and productivity of offset printing.

The white paper highlights how Nanography differs from other printing technologies. It employs Landa NanoInk™ colorants, proprietary water-based inks with nanopigment particles that are merely  tens of nanometers in size.

Topics covered in the white paper include:

  • The characteristics and limitations of current digital printing technologies
  • The unique properties acquired by materials when reduced to the size of nanoparticles
  • A description of Landa NanoInk and the Nanographic Printing process
  • The special characteristics of dots printed with Landa NanoInk
  • The transfer of the printed image to any substrate

The white paper also explains how the Nanographic Printing process can yield the lowest cost-per-page of all digital printing technologies.

Gilad Tzori, Landa Vice President of Product Strategy, explains, “The white paper is designed to both educate the market on the Nanographic Printing process and highlight the economic advantages and eco-friendliness of the technology. It also demonstrates our commitment to provide our customers with information on an ongoing basis as we continue the work on product development and bring the presses to full commercial availability.“

“The Nanographic Printing™ Process” white paper can be downloaded from the Landa website at