25 Oct 2021

PIXARTPRINTING new merchandise range is now online

PixartPRO, the loyalty programme dedicated to resellers.

Mass customisation is Pixartprinting's vocation, a strategy through which the company aims to meet its customers' individual needs while at the same time retaining the benefits of mass production. Keeping this promise requires both flexibility and good listening skills, so as to understand the clients' needs and wishes, characteristics that have always set the leading European online printing company's operations apart from its competitors.

The number of touchpoints for interacting with customers is always growing, profiled loyalty projects are being developed, investments are being made in service and production capacity, and, above all, the catalogue is constantly expanding. And while mass customisation is the strategy of choice for both Pixartprinting and the entire Cimpress group, personalisation is increasingly also something that is being demanded by users. Now Pixartprinting, a technological partner for graphic arts professionals like printing companies, graphic design studios and marketing and event agencies, is announcing its entry into the world of merchandise.

From February 2018, an initial selection of customisable promotional items will be available online, split into three categories: technology, office and stationery, and home and leisure. "This is a commercial decision inspired by our aim to be a global supplier that can satisfy all printing needs, and a response to the open dialogue we have with our customers. An exhaustive range is an ingredient that adds flavour to our already very popular recipe, comprising the unique features we offer, from our online shop's user-friendly interface and discreet packaging to cutting-edge customer care and PixartPRO, the loyalty programme dedicated to resellers. All of this on top of a printing service that aims for the highest levels of quality", commented Federico Gonzalez, Marketing and Sales Director at Pixartprinting.

The first release of the new range includes over 50 products, with thousands of different combinations: bottle openers, business card holders, pens, umbrellas, bottles, mugs, selfie sticks and much, much more. These everyday items, when branded, become compact marketing tools, often used at events, trade fairs and shows as well as in people's day-to-day life. "These are just the first items as we introduce this new range, but new waves of products are already in the pipeline, to be honed in part on the basis of the feedback we receive from the market. We are sure that these items will be very popular, especially amongst those in the industry who will be able to increase their volumes more easily by accessing the best promotions through the PixartPRO programme" Gonzalez added.

To ensure a positive user experience for the new products, Pixartprinting's web developers have created a new interface that makes it simpler to choose the features on each item, allowing the colours and possible variations to be identified more easily. This is further proof of the care Pixartprinting has always taken to ensure its e-commerce system is simple and efficient to use.

The addition of this new merchandise range is another step in the leading European online printing company's constant expansion of its catalogue, which now includes over 400 items with 3 million different combinations. The new products will be customised using a range of printing technologies, utilising the technique best suited to the different materials and uses: from screen printing and pad printing (in one or two colours) to digital printing, laser engraving and sublimation.