drupa news: new latex water-based resin ink from Bordeaux

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The continuous transition to greener ink systems and the quest for new technologies has led Bordeaux Digital Printink, a creditable ink and solutions manufacturer, with proven in-house research and development achievements in the inkjet printing market, to its latest innovation: Latex water-based resin ink designed for Piezo Drop-on-Demand printheads.

The Bordeaux revolutionary Latex ink uses Piezo DOD instead of the commonly used Thermal Drop-on-Demand printheads. Bordeaux offers a prototype water based ink intended for adaptation on solvent based printers. The Latex ink benefits from the quality achieved with solvent based inks with the environmental advantage of water based inks.

"Since this is a generic technology, it can be customised according to specific printers or printhead technology specifications. The optimisation is necessary for a final product and positions Bordeaux's Latex ink in the front line of most ink manufacturers and in a lucrative position for printer manufacturers seeking a new or improved product which is in the forefront of technology," comments Moshe Zach, Bordeaux's CEO.