25 Jun 2024

Kuipers set for colourful future with Nazdar 708 Series inks

Holland-based Kuipers Print & Sign says Nazdar's recently-announced 708 Series inks achieve excellent quality across a wide range of print applications.

Kuipers Print & Sign has paid tribute to the impact Nazdar's 708 Series has had on production, revealing the inks have helped to reduce costs while maintaining excellent quality across a range of applications.

Kuipers has been running Nazdar 2000 solvent inks for more than four years on its Roland XC-540 Pro3 and, based on its success with these inks, started using Nazdar 708 Series inks on its Mimaki UCJV300-1600 as soon as they were made available to the market.

To date, the 708 Series inks have mainly been used to produce small-format and large-format stickers for Kuipers' varied customer base, in addition to some banner and paper-based work.

Switching inks can sometimes cause disruption to production as printers encounter issues with the new products. However, this was certainly not the case for Kuipers, which has enjoyed an incredibly smooth transition and retained high levels of print quality when running the new inks on its Mimaki UCJV300-1600.

"The colours we achieve with the Nazdar 708 Series inks are so good that you cannot see any difference when compared with the original inks," Kuipers Print & Sign's Owner and Founder Aaron Kuipers said. "The inks are so accurate it was not necessary to create a new colour profile.

"When you add in the fact that we have been able to save money by switching to the Nazdar inks, it has been a successful move for us."

Kuipers works with Aga Color Solutions for all its Nazdar ink needs. Aga Color Solutions has been an approved partner of Nazdar in the Netherlands since 2016, supplying Nazdar inks to a wide range of customers across the country.

Aaron Kuipers said a close working relationship with Aga Color Solutions has allowed his company to expand its use of Nazdar inks over the years - retaining high quality of print output and saving money in the process.

"We decided to try out the Nazdar 708 series inks as we already had so much confidence in Nazdar from our previous use of their inks," Aaron Kuipers said. "We always get a good service from Aga Color Solutions and were pleased to return to them again on this occasion."

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