Nazdar launches customer-focused 'ink emergency' initiative

Nazdar Ink Emergency

Specialist ink manufacturer Nazdar has launched a new customer-focused 'Ink Emergency' initiative ( to tackle some of the key issues facing users of UV-curable inks.  As a result of this move, Free Site Surveys are now available to all users of UV inks within mainland UK.

UV digital printing has seen massive growth in the UK print industry in the last 8 years with many print producers adopting the technology as their lead printing solution.  However, UV technology has some inherent pitfalls that have almost become ‘accepted limitations’ by users who are unaware of the alternatives available to them.

Nazdar claims that there are simple solutions to many of the problems typically faced by printers using UV digital equipment.  From low colour strength and problems with edge chipping, through to poor adhesion to substrates and even logistical problems of holding ink inventory from multiple suppliers for multiple printers – issues that many UV users have grown to accept as the norm – Nazdar is able to help.  By solving these problems, Nazdar enables UV-printer users to broaden their production portfolio and make genuine improvements to the overall scope of their UV print production, whilst also increasing profitability with reduced ink costs.

These claims are backed up by specific customer case studies.  Nazdar inks have been used to rectify such issues and thereby offer users of UV printers enhanced production capabilities.

Colour - Colour is a subjective matter. Right?

Wrong. Well, at least partially wrong.  Colour strength and attainable gamut are obviously key to customer satisfaction and are a vital component in both winning and subsequently retaining business.  That is why Nazdar uses only the strongest, most vibrant colourants in their inks, keeping the levels high to give outstanding colour vibrancy for that initial ‘Wow effect’ that can so often be the difference between winning and losing a print contract.

However, this is only part of the colour story.  This colour strength allows Nazdar UV ink users to reduce ink usage per print without dropping colour vibrancy.  This reduction in ink usage not only reduces cost but also promotes better curing, which helps achieve the perfect finish.

Karl Norris of The Poster Company recently converted his Grapo Octopus to Nazdar inks with the specific goal of improving the colour and vibrancy of his printed output. His experience since the conversion confirms Nazdar’s claim to boost colour and reduce costs. He says, “Since using Nazdar 7400 UV digital ink on my Octopus printer, I have been able to achieve colour strength and vibrancy previously unobtainable with other ink systems. Not only has this won me business, but it has also allowed me to reduce my ink usage and boost profits!”

Adhesion – I am restricted to using certain substrates.  It’s just the way it is...

Another typical scenario that Nazdar often advises on relates to the ability of UV inks to adhere to as broad a range of substrates as possible. The more substrates you can print onto successfully, the more work you can take on and the greater the cost savings that can be realised.

Successfully converted Nazdar user, Pierre Pheiffer of Xtreme Signs, relates his experiences with his Manta flatbed UV printer.  He comments, “Since converting to Nazdar ink, we have found that we have better adhesion to board than the original (OEM) ink. In addition, we now have no problem with the flexibility of boards in transport.”

This increased media independence has allowed Xtreme Signs to print with greater confidence on to a broader range of cost-effective materials.  “Overall we are very pleased with the Nazdar ink for our UV printer and have realised considerable savings in terms of materials which we can now use,” concludes Pierre.

Chipping – I get edge chipping on my UV prints, but it is unavoidable. Right?

Again, it is wrong to assume that any anomaly created by a particular UV-curable ink is simply a compromise that has to be accepted. Different inks are formulated to service different applications and there is no need to accept the default inks when they can be readily and painlessly replaced with a more suitable ink solution.

Steve Tilbury, managing director at Evans Graphics, found himself suffering with edge chipping on the output produced on his Cromaprint system and turned to Nazdar for help. Steve explains “For years we have struggled with edge chipping and imperfections created during routing and cutting, that we were led to believe were unavoidable.”

Following consultation with a Nazdar ink technician, Steve was advised to try a Nazdar UV ink that was formulated for increased flexibility to better service exactly that type of application.  Steve was more than happy with the results.  He continues, “We tried ink from the Nazdar UV range. We now save time and money due to reductions in the finishing process. We can also now select from a wider range of cutting equipment and substrates which further reduces costs and widens our target markets”.

Multi-platform capability? – But surely I need different ink suppliers for different printers?

Actually, no you don’t.  Nazdar offers a full range of high quality inks to meet the needs of multiple print platforms.  Since moving to Nazdar inks for his Cromaprint system, Evans Graphics’ Steve Tilbury has converted more of the print production equipment at the company over to Nazdar solutions and is now seeing further benefits for his business.

He states, “As a busy print producer with equipment from multiple suppliers, managing ink inventory was almost a full time job.  Since switching to Nazdar digital ink we have been able to use one supplier for all of our printers, vastly reducing the amount of money tied up in inventory.  We have also been able to streamline the logistics of supply due to the much improved lead times Nazdar can provide.”

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