25 Jun 2024

Nazdar showcase ink capabilities at Seiko and P&T partner event

Nazdar reiterates its position as a major OEM player in the inks market after its products performed exceptionally well on Seiko's printheads.

Nazdar's original equipment manufacturer (OEM) ink products drew widespread praise at Seiko and People & Technology's (P&T) recent OpenWeek event after being used to produce high quality labels and packaging applications at the showcase.

The OpenWeek event ran from 19-23 July 2021 at Seiko's new service facility and laboratory in Neu-Isenburg, near Frankfurt am Main in Germany, where visitors were invited to learn about Seiko's printhead technologies, the latest print testing solutions from P&T and new developments from partner companies.

Hosted jointly by Seiko and P&T, the event offered more than 150 attendees from over 12 countries the chance to get up close and personal with technologies from Seiko, P&T - which specialises in the manufacture of machines for the testing and recovery of printheads and inks - and other partners.

Nazdar was one of the partners in attendance at the OpenWeek and put its NWJIJ200 Series OEM ink products to the test on Seiko printheads using P&T's testing machinery. Nazdar's OEM inks excelled in producing superior images on to self-adhesive vinyl for labelling applications.


Seiko Nazdar Inktester


Labels were pre-printed with the logos of Nazdar, Seiko and P&T, and printed in a single pass with yellow and black ink. The design was inspired by worker bees, a symbol of the city of Manchester near to where Nazdar's UK facility is located.

"We designed the printed file to reflect a positive message during these trying times," said Martin Burns, Market Manager for OEM Inks at Nazdar. "Although we were unable to attend the event in person due to travel restrictions, our products performed well and there was plenty of interest among attendees."

In addition to the bee-inspired labels, Nazdar's inks were also put to the test on packaging work. The inks, selected ahead of products from other providers, were used to print onto wooden wine boxes to demonstrate their flexibility; the wine boxes were subsequently given out as gifts to visitors. The inks can also be used for printing on plastic, PP, PET and PE boxes directly in a single pass.

"A strong relationship between ink manufacturer and printhead manufacturer helps OEM and system builders increase their speed to market with tried and tested solutions," Martin Burns said.

"Nazdar sees close collaboration with ink and printhead manufacturers as being vital to the success of printer development projects. It benefits all involved."


Seiko Nazdar 2


Aliasgar Eranpurwala, Head of Sales for Printek at Seiko, also praised the performance of Nazdar's inks at the event and spoke about the important role OEM products have to play within the industry. He says: "Nazdar is a very flexible and friendly company, both of which are key traits you look for in a long-term partner. They encourage open discussion and provide us with fast and trusted input from a highly experienced team."

Roberto Campos Orgaz, Project Manager at P&T, also spoke highly of Nazdar and its OEM inks: "Our advice to all inkjet users is to choose a reputable ink manufacturer. The quality of the inks is essential to obtain the best results in terms of output, but they also greatly influence the life of the heads, increasing it very considerably.

"Nazdar inks undoubtedly meet the highest quality standards. The company offers a wide variety of products, adapted to different printing substrates, and magnificent technical support."

Roberto Campos Orgaz concludes: "Working with Nazdar will always be a safe bet."

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