Amari ADS and Onward Display on the ball in high-profile graphics project


Leading UK stockist and distributor of MACtac graphics materials, Amari Digital Supplies (ADS) and London-based large-format print specialist Onward Display collaborated in a high-profile exterior graphics promotion using the 2014 FIFA World Cup competition in Brazil as its central theme. The brilliantly conceived subtle design, created by Onward Display and using MACtac premium-quality materials supplied by ADS, became an eye-catching feature at the company’s three London stores, including the main facility in Margaret Street in the West End.

Onward Display is a primary customer of ADS, based on a successful business relationship spanning 10 years that included extensive use of MACtac materials. These have featured in a number of similarly prestigious graphics promotions in a variety of industrial and commercial sectors, including interior design, retail marketing, general advertising, architectural, film and television on behalf of some of the UK’s leading and instantly recognisable brands such as Capital Radio, Virgin, Arcadia Group, Hobbs, Liberty, Heals and Levis. The company’s most effective promotional asset has been its reputation as arguably London’s most creative and skilled design and print provider, founded on the quality of the service guaranteed and the level of customer satisfaction achieved, both of which have helped fuel organic growth.

On the FIFA World Cup graphics promotion, Onward Display’s Design and Operations Director Owen Jackson commented: “The graphics installed at our main Margaret Street store gave us the opportunity to use the eco-solvent-printable MACtac WW100 and UV-printable JT5817PUV One-Way Vision media to wrap the exterior of the building with a single cohesive design. The layout of the frontage allowed the use of WW100 to wrap the painted and tiled surfaces and associated brickwork and the perforated One-Way Vision media for glazed areas. There was also a full direct-to-media printed (CMYK + White) eight by four feet OSB board mounted to the wall.”

The visual impact of the FIFA World Cup graphic installed at the Margaret Street site led to impromptu photo shoots for independent fashion brands, a dramatically increased footfall resulting in new business possibilities for Onward Display and the opportunity to showcase the creative and technical capabilities provided by the company in conjunction with the versatility and reliability of the products supplied by ADS. Owen Jackson concluded: “We use mainly MACtac products supplied by ADS as we have found they consistently outperform comparable materials from other manufacturers. With the help of both MACtac and ADS and the knowledge and expertise of the Onward Display team, we have been able to configure the production systems installed in order to achieve optimum results with the materials supplied by ADS for our wide-ranging graphics projects.”

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