Colourgen to distribute Kernow Coatings' HydroSol media

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Colourgen has teamed up with Kernow Coatings to distribute its HydroSol range of speciality materials for solvent, eco-solvent and latex inkjet printers. The HydroSol range means that Colourgen now offers a comprehensive range of solvent and latex media products for all the leading printers from the major manufacturers. 

Kernow Coatings’ HydroSol range has  totally unique water-based coatings, which are safer and cleaner for the environment. As well as no solvent content in the coatings, there is also no VOC in the polyester and polypropylene bases, unlike many PVC and vinyl materials.  However, the eco benefits of the range do not mean there is any compromise on functionality. The HydroSol range is still able to generate a high degree of water and scratch-resistance and doesn’t need over-laminating, which is a great saver in terms of time, money and resources. It also has high ink absorption, is fast drying, has maximum vibrancy and also comes with anti-static back coatings to allow better roll feed. 

Melanie Enser, Product Marketing Manager at Colourgen, said, “Apart from wanting to react to customer demand by offering a complete range of solvent and latex products, we also wanted to select a partner who could deliver something a bit special. Kernow Coatings is the perfect fit as its HydroSol range offers unparalleled environmental benefits without losing any of the product benefits.  The media can be safely landfilled due to its stability and inertness and as it emits no chlorine, can be clean-burned to produce electricity and doesn’t need specialist disposal, which is a huge benefit to both producers and end users.  The range is also developing into new products to further reduce the environmental burden.”

Bob Whittock, Kernow Coatings’ Sales Manager said, “Our HydroSol products are becoming better-known in many countries because of their functionality, durability and environmental credentials.  We are very happy to be working alongside Colourgen with the HydroSol range and hope it will prove a successful partnership for both businesses.”

The HydroSol range includes photo papers, water colour paper, pop-up and roll-up films, backlit films and display films. Colourgen has tested the media extensively with leading solvent printers, including those from Epson, Mutoh, Seiko, Mimaki, Roland, Oce, Vutek and HP

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