Epson Sets New Proofing Reference Point


Epson Proofing Paper

Epson's new paper set to raise European proofing standards

Epson has enhanced its range of FOGRA certified proofing paper with the introduction of Epson Standard Proofing Paper 240. Offering the look and feel of more traditional contract proofing media, it delivers a high-degree of colour precision, white point accuracy and stability to the inkjet proofing industry.

Martin Johns, Market Development Manager, Epson UK said: "This new paper is an important product for a niche market with a focus on the magazine proofing sector."

Epson Standard Proofing Paper 240 gives superb results for mission-critical print jobs such as contract printing, and is optimised for use with Epson's UltraChrome family of inks.

Part of the latest generation of inkjet proofing solutions, Standard Proofing Paper 240 completes the product offering from Epson in this range.  Providing superior print quality with instant drying, it is able to deliver Epson's widest colour gamut yet in a range of applications that require the highest proofing standards available today.

Standard Proofing Paper 240 is a heavier, opaque version of the previously available 205 proofing paper solution. It is sold in 30.5 metre rolls in widths of 17" - 44" and A3+ cut sheets are also available. A five-sheet sample pack will be included with each Epson Stylus Pro printer.

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  • Epson Standard Proofing Paper 240 for A3+ (10 Sheets) RRP: £11.11 (Exc. Vat)
  • Epson Standard Proofing Paper 240 for A3+ (100 sheets) RRP: £97.70 (Exc. Vat)
  • Epson Standard Proofing Paper 240 17"X 30.5m RRP: £80.82 (Exc. Vat)
  • Epson Standard Proofing Paper 240 24" X 30.5m RRP: £114.39 (Exc.Vat)
  • Epson Standard Proofing Paper 240 44" x 30.5m RRP: £209.64 (Exc.Vat)