Escalators transformed with Paperlinx 25mm Clear Altuglas Acrylic

PaperlinX Escalators LFR

When Hull, UK-based Ino-Plaz was commissioned to design and manufacture panels to create a water feature that would be the focal point of Ilford's main shopping centre's escalators, the company identified that the best material to use would be Paperlinx 25mm Clear Altuglas Acrylic.    

The colourful waterfall design at 'The Exchange' creates a wave-like movement in between the escalators and was achieved through a direct print to the back of the 25mm Clear Altuglas Acrylic.  This was then edge-lit using LED lighting fitted into the lighting box produced by architectural lighting specialist Kemps.

Operations Manager Tim Loft said: “The constant light transmission properties of Paperlinx Altuglas products ensured that we delivered this project to the highest standards and met the requirements of the lighting specialists and the end-user.

“The Paperlinx Clear Altuglas Acrylic is a durable substrate with excellent constant sheet thickness.  It is also easy to handle, it’s half the weight of glass; easy to clean and abrasion resistant.”