21 Feb 2024

Fedrigoni launches Ri-Wrap Paint Protection car wrapping film

Fedrigoni self-adhesives launches Ri-Wrap Paint protection film, the car wrapping film that regenerates even at room temperature.

A clear polyurethane film covering vehicle bodywork like a second skin, capable of rapid self-healing when damaged. This is Ri-Wrap Paint Protection Film, a protective film from Fedrigoni Self-Adhesives available in Premium and Ultimate versions, both featuring long lifetimes of 8 and 10 years respectively, as well as high conformability, allowing them to be applied on most curved surfaces.

The high quality of the self-adhesive material results in a shiny and original looking car body for a long time and protection against the fading process caused by UV rays over the years.

The low surface tension also prevents dust from sticking to the material and protects against stains caused by insects or chemicals. The high-quality acrylic adhesive provides outstanding film adhesion, but also allows for easy removal without leaving residue on the bodywork.

The difference between the two versions of Ri-Wrap can be found in their self-healing properties: Ri-Wrap Paint Protection Film Premium will regenerate when heated to 40°C with external heat sources; while the Ultimate version can also be regenerated at room temperature, which in most cases takes only a few minutes. This feature, exclusive to Fedrigoni Self-Adhesives, makes this product a unique solution on the market.

“The unveiling of Ri-Wrap Paint Protection Film at the recent FESPA was enthusiastically received and attracted a great deal of interest from our visitors. This is the perfect solution for keeping bodywork pristine at all times, without worrying about unsightly scratches and minor damage caused by pebbles and accidental scrapes" - says Daniele Perotti, Global Graphics Product & Business Development Manager -.

The film is easily applied to the car's exterior surface, conforms completely to its curves and creates an invisible but resistant layer that protects not only against scratches, but also against moisture, alcohol and fuel. We are especially proud to have created Ri-Wrap Paint Protection Film Ultimate, an innovative and currently unique product, which makes it possible to restore the film to its original state without any special heat source simply at room temperature.”