New Digital Media & SignVinyl product and price guides from Metamark

Metamark Material Guides

Metamark has announced the availability of new Digital Media and SignVinyl Product and Price Guides. The new guides continue to detail the full range of Metamark Digital Media, and the company’s range of SignVinyl and speciality materials. Both material ranges have grown and the new guides also detail the new material and media introductions.

Class-leading value, shipping costs and pricing policies remain unchanged according to Metamark.  Metamark also adds that, if it’s in the price guide, it’s on the shelves and ready to despatch the day it’s ordered.

In support of maintaining this level of service, Metamark has relocated to larger distribution premises which are better able to accommodate the company’s larger inventory and handle increased order traffic.

In addition to despatching customer orders the day they’re placed, Metamark says it will despatch sample rolls of the materials and media in the new product and price guides the day they are requested.

Both guides are available free of change by contacting This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.