New ORACAL 8830 and 8860 Diffuser Premium Cast diffuser films

oracal 8830 diffuser film

A new range of premium diffuser films has recently been introduced by ORAFOL. The series is launched as ORACAL® 8830/8860 Diffuser Premium Cast.

The typical use of the new diffuser films is application inside light box displays, where they will ensure evenly distribution of the light, as well as prevent unwanted external visibility of the internal light sources. They provide an easy means of getting a perfect finished look to any internally lit display, and are designed for use with both LED and general light sources.

The materials come in two different light transmission grades:

  • ORACAL® 8860 Diffuser Premium Cast offer 60% light transmission
  • ORACAL® 8830 Diffuser Premium Cast offer 30% light transmission

oracal 8830 8860 diffuser film

Backlit display without film (left) and with Oracal diffuser film (right).