QPS adds Nazdar's Nazcote RA2000 protective coating to product range

QPS Nazdar Nazkote image

Quality Print Services (QPS) has added Nazdar's Nazkote RA2000 UV-curable protective coating to its range of solutions for wide-format print providers.
For use in roller coat UV-curing liquid laminators – such as the Burkle – Nazkote RA2000 UV POP Liquid Lamination Clear adheres to most pressure-sensitive vinyls, coated paper, coated cardstock and a variety of rigid materials. It vastly improves the outdoor durability of UV digitally printed graphics by physically protecting them from abrasion and the effects of UV degradation and colour fading.
Nazkote RA2000 is fast-curing, shows excellent clarity and also adds abrasion resistance to coated graphics. When applied to durable substrates at a cured film thickness of 10+ microns, RA2000 can provide up to 30 months of protection outdoors.
On the addition of RA2000 to QPS's product line, QPS's Managing Director Chris Bailey comments: "Nazdar's RA2000 liquid laminate is designed to extend the life of outdoor graphics without compromising quality or clarity in any way. Traditionally screen varnishes have been used which can have a tendency to give a colour cast to the finished graphic. The RA2000 is a true laminate and maintains the colour integrity of the original graphic."
Nazkote is available with immediate effect from QPS in 5 Gallon (US) containers.
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