21 Feb 2024

Weerg installs ProX SLS 6100 printer by 3D Systems

Weerg announces installation of the ProX SLS 6100 printer by 3D Systems.

New reinforcement of Weerg's additive manufacturing department announcing the installation of the ProX SLS 6100 printer by 3D Systems.

Based on the most advanced Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) technology, this system is ideal for the rapid and cost-effective production of high-quality, functional and durable nylon parts. The implementation of ProX SLS 6100 allows Weerg to offer new features and finishes for components made of SLS, thanks to the use of white DuraForm materials supplied by 3D Systems which could be coloured with the Girbau systems already installed, significantly expanding the range of shades that can be selected by the customer at the time of ordering.

“We were looking for a solution that would allow us to add more colour to our 3D prints, which are currently only available in Raw Grey, Extra Black Classic and Extra Black SemiGloss.”, said Matteo Rigamonti, creator and founder of Weerg. “Since the first tests carried out at the 3D Systems Customer Innovation Center in Moerfelden, Germany, we have been confident that ProX SLS 6100 with the wide range of materials offered by 3D Systems was the best solution to meet our manufacturing needs”. 3D Systems, co-founded in 1983 by the inventor of 3D printing, Charles Hull, through the Customer Innovation Center supports clients in the design and development of customized solutions that integrate seamlessly into the workflow of each company.

To start the production with ProX SLS 6100, Weerg has chosen DuraForm ProX HST Composite, a fiber-reinforced engineered plastic that combines excellent levels of rigidity and thermal resistance and is particularly suitable for the manufacture of structural elements, housings, coatings, covers, knobs, handles, masks, equipment and internal components for the automotive industry. In addition, the extreme versatility of this solution will allow Weerg to further integrate production with the introduction, already foreseen, of other materials signed 3D System without the need for further system upgrades.

ProX SLS 6100 by 3D Systems

“The implementation of this new technology dedicated to 3D Printing, with a second machine already optioned, is just one of many upgrades that we have planned for 2019 and that will allow us to respond even more thoroughly to the demands of this market, where we register a vertical growth with runs that involve thousands of units”, stated Rigamonti. “We are proud to count among our customers a dynamic and innovative company like Weerg, which in a few years has been able to revolutionize the world of mechanics with the integration of additive production in its production flow.”, added Matteo Marcellini, Channel Manager of 3D Systems Italia. “We look forward to seeing the positive impacts that ProX SLS 6100 will have on Weerg's business and are confident that this first installation will mark the beginning of a future collaboration given the importance acquired by 3D printing in corporate production”.

To support Weerg in this choice, we have the experience of a specialized retailer such as 3DZ, exclusive distributor of 3D Systems solutions for the Italian market.