Agfa Graphics announces new Jeti Titan S and HS UV-curable wide-format printers

Agfa Jeti Titan Hs

Agfa Graphics has announced two new machines which build on the success of the Jeti Titan series of UV-curable wide-format printers - the Jeti Titan S (speed) and Jeti Titan HS (high speed) true flatbed UV-inkjet printers.  The new printers combine 'exceptional print quality and high productivity at a best-in-industry price point' and the robust build engines incorporate the latest generation in inkjet print heads (the Ricoh Gen 5 with 1,280 nozzles).

The Jeti Titan S is equipped with one row of print heads, yet is field upgradeable to two rows, thus becoming a Jeti Titan HS and doubling the productivity level.  Both models are making their debut at C!Print 2014 - scheduled to be held in Lyon, France, between 4th and 6th February 2014 - and will be on display in Hall 5, stand B18/C17, A16/B15 & Atelier Nova Live.

Reflecting market demands, the default set-up for both models is six colours plus white (CMYKLcLmWW). White printing is supported different modes including overprint, under-print, spot, under-spot, fill and over-spot for rigids and pre-white for roll media. The productive white ink solution features an automated recirculation system for optimal reliability.

The Jeti Titan S and HS are ideal for higher volume or fast turnaround jobs. They are designed to guarantee the highest accuracy in drop placement. The 7 picolitre droplet size makes it possible to achieve photorealistic image quality with fine text down to 4pt positive and negative. The Jeti Titan S & HS are ideal for high-value work like POP viewed at close range or for the high-level art, fashion & cosmetics markets.

The Jeti Titan S and HS have a 2x3m true flatbed design for optimum registration and repeatability. Both systems feature a precision moving table, built on a robust steel frame for seven day/three shift endurance, and use the latest generation of print heads and curing technology.  Giving even more production flexibility, the ‘flat-to-roll’ option gives users the ability to print flexible media up to 3.2m wide with the same high quality and resolution as rigid materials.

Jeti Titan S and HS, Asanti workflow software and Anuvia UV-curable inks form a matched component system, designed to work together optimally to ensure the highest quality results and maximum productivity for a predictable income.