Durst Rho 1000L, another sales boost for Probo/Sign

Durst Rho 1000L

Probo/Sign, a Dutch print service provider, just invested in the new Durst Rho 1000L. It’s the second Durst printer in just a year for this fast growing company of owner Erwin Postma. Last year’s investment in a Durst Rho 500R resulted in a large sales boost. Postma is now expecting another sale boost as a result of installing the Durst Rho 1000L in the beginning of June. The printer was delivered to Probo/Sign directly from FESPA Digital in Hamburg where the Durst Rho 1000L made its debut show.

Probo/Sign works for resellers like sign makers, exhibition builders and ad agents. It was only in 2001 that Erwin Postma took over Probo/Sign. It was then a small sign shop in Dokkum in the Northern area of the Netherlands with just two employees. At present the company has over 40 employees and takes more than 100 print orders a day.

In 2001 Postma invested in his first large format solvent printer. In 2003 he bought a hybrid UV printer. The decision a year ago to equip the Rho 500R with white ink proved to be a very good one. In the first year we printed a lot of 3M ClearVision on it. This investment gave us a significant growth in 2010.

When the moment came to replace the hybrid UV printer, white ink was for sure on the wish list. One of the applications for the Rho 1000L will be to produce backlit prints directly on transparent PET plates using 3 layers of ink (cmyk, white, cmyk). Postma: With the Rho 1000L we can take over jobs that are currently still printed in offset, for in stands for print backlit plates. Postma already booked the first order from an offset printer. He expects more orders from offset printers all for all kinds of POS materials. With the Durst Rho 1000L we can offer our customers the right price and speed needed for this kind of applications that mostly run from 100 to 400 copies.

Postma took half one year to visit several vendors to look what they had to offer. The print quality was the deciding factor among some other things. One of these factors is that the Rho 1000L is very flexible when it comes to input and output. Postma: ‘’We start now with the automated plate input, a stacker for the output and a hand table for the extraordinary print jobs. It’s nice that we can still make other choices in the future. In the first week we already experienced how important the automatic plate loading is. You can run the printer on engine speed with no time waste while it continues feeding plates.  Should we need even more speed than the 1000L can offer we can easily upgrade it to the Durst 1000.