W.A.E. Group invests in Agfa :Jeti 3312 to cope with extra demand for wide format

Agfa Paul Austin

W.A.E Group, the Leeds based sign and display graphics company, has invested in an Agfa :Jeti 3312 roll-to-roll wide-format printer to cope with extra demand created by a new nationwide retail display contract. 

W.A.E. recently started to work for a retailer who has plans to significantly increase the number of its stores in the UK. “Our two existing roll-to-roll printers could not cope with the extra workload so we had to look around and liked what we saw from Agfa,” explained Paul Austin managing director, W.A.E. Group. “In particular, this model of :Jeti can take substrates up to 3.2m in width, which enables us to simultaneously print two rolls side by side. I am delighted with our purchase,  the :Jeti is performing very well and copes with all the work we can throw at the machine.”

Agfa is not new to W.A.E. For the past five years the company has been outputting work on their Agfa :Anapurna XL. This :Anapurna was initially brought in to print directly onto pre-coated plywood board for a number of property development contracts. Over the years the :Anapurna has printed on a whole variety of different substrates and still performs very well.

Paul Austin concludes, “When deciding which new wide-format machine we should invest in, I was mindful of the very good service and support that we had received from Agfa.”

[photo shows Paul Austin with his new Agfa :Jeti printer]