Zünd to showcase modular cutting solutions at FESPA Digital 2016

M-800 Picking Robot Sheet feeder

Zünd Systemtechnik is pleased to present the latest high-performance, ultra-versatile digital cutting solutions at Fespa Digital 2016.

(Hall 1, Booth G90). In conjunction with its modular flatbed cutters, Zünd is exhibiting automation and productivity features for every application and production environment.

At this year's show in Amsterdam, Zünd demonstrates ways for print service providers to increase productivity while reducing labor costs. With these latest automation solutions, the Swiss manufacturer has further perfected its range of modular, adaptable material-handling options available for both material loading and off-loading. One of the highlights is the new collaborative robot being shown as part of an S3 M-800 fully automated cutting configuration. The integrated robotic off-load system automatically picks up cut parts from the machine and stacks them at predefined locations. The robot is designed to operate autonomously in production environments in which the human operator and robotic device are working together to accomplish a task. This fully automated production workflow also involves automatic job retrieval via QR-code. The integrated camera system captures the QR-code printed with each job, which enables Zünd Cut Center – ZCC to automatically retrieve the matching cut file. In addition, the ZCC system automatically determines the exact location and orientation of the graphics. In case of distortions in material or print, it automatically makes adjustments to the cut path for a perfect match between cut and print.

ARC automates bit changes

With the new Automatic Router Bit Changer – ARC, Zünd highlights yet another automation solution. The ARC system comes with a freely configurable magazine that holds up to 8 router bits. During processing, the ARC automatically selects the correct bit for the material and task at hand. This automation feature reduces setup times to a minimum and significantly enhances process reliability. The ARC is ideal for efficiently routing, polishing, and engraving applications involving aluminum, wood, plastics, or composites.

Distortion-free advancing with center winder

Attendees can also see a Zünd G3 3XL-1600 cutting system in action. This high-performance cutting configuration is especially well suited for wide-format finishing of graphics on vinyl and other rolled materials up to 3.21 m / 10 ft wide. The center-winder roll-off with integrated dancer system guarantees optimal tension control that allows for wrinkle- and distortion-free processing of textiles.

Tandem operation for unsurpassed productivity

Especially when it comes to material loading and unloading, Zünd has put a great deal of effort into not just supporting but enhancing the already remarkable productivity of its cutting systems. A perfect example is the option to equip Zünd cutters with a tandem operating setup. In this configuration, the cutter surface is essentially divided into two independently controllable working areas. Material loading/unloading and processing occur concurrently on alternate sides of the machine, allowing for completely uninterrupted production. This setup is indispensable in production scenarios where every second counts, e.g. for efficiently and economically completing last-minute orders with tight delivery schedules.