Mounter’s Mate machines promise increased production efficiency

mounters mate 315

New print finishing equipment company Mounter’s Mate will showcase its range of services and two new products at Sign & Digital UK 2015.

Mounter’s Mate specialises in graphics making equipment which removes the ‘bottle necks’ in the traditional methods of making signs & graphics. Their products include flatbed applicators, wide format laminators, anti-static air guns and clear cutting mats.

“Mounter’s Mate provides an easy way for your average sign company to produce large, high quality, prints at an affordable cost, fast!” says Mounter’s Mate General Manager, Omar Benmez.

Mounter’s Mate comes from a strong background of 25 years producing wide format graphics and is a trading name of DMI Vision Ltd. The company is based in Marlow, UK and supplies the Mounter’s Mate range across Europe.

Mounter’s Mate will demonstrate their products and services at the Sign and Digital trade show from March 24th-26th 2015.

“We’re excited to share with new customers the capabilities and the products they need to produce top quality prints”, says Omar.

Mounter’s Mate will feature the 1600hs Laminator at the upcoming trade show. This laminator applies even pressure throughout the laminating process using a pneumatic air system, with speeds of up to seven meters per minute.

Unlike other laminators, the user doesn’t require a large amount of space. Due to the roll feed & take up reels, prints can easily be laminated with this complete roll-to-roll system.

The second product that will be featured is the Workstation 315, a free-standing machine that is easy to use and designed to allow a single user to apply large vinyl prints to virtually any substrate. The machine delivers high quality, fast and accurate, dry application for graphics. You can see the workstation’s performance in action by visiting

For more information about Mounter’s Mate and their products, visit the website at