17 Oct 2021

Polyprint SAs 14th consecutive appearance at FESPA 2019

Polyprints 14th consecutive appearance at FESPA 2019.

Polyprint SA expert manufacturer of direct to garment printers, will be participating in FESPA 2019 Global Print Expo for the 14th consecutive year.

This year, FESPA is exploding with possibilities and Polyprint aligns themselves with that motto well since through their rebranding they indicate the plethora of capabilities in printing solutions that they can offer.

TexJet echo² | The first ever customizable dtg printer

Officially launched in January 2019 as a successor of the company’s most popular model TexJet echo, this advanced printer is characterized by improved print quality, ease of use and maintenance, increased effectiveness and a 3-year limited warranty that ensures the safety of the customer’s investment. Moreover, it is designed to offer the highest print quality for the lowest cost per print, making it the ideal choice for start-ups and small businesses ready to scale up. One of its unique traits is that it comes with plenty of customization options. Such options include different ink types, pre-treatment solutions, ink supply methods, ink configurations, snap-on platens and the ability to combine screen and digital technology with the hybrid system, “Screen & Digital Mix”. This means that TexJet echo² can function as a personalized machine based on each customer’s preference to best fit their business needs.

NEW! TexJet shortee² | Compact size, high performance

A brand-new addition to the TexJet dtg printers’ family that will be officially launched during FESPA ,is TexJet shortee2 dtg printer . The new entry level dtg printer is small, affordable, and fast which makes it the ideal solution to get started with dtg technology thanks also to the simplicity in its operation. In addition, it comes with all the fantastic features and improvements that made TexJet echo² stand out since day one, just in a more compact form.

Wide range of applications | Get inspired

Polyprint’s booth will be a spot of inspiration where a big variety of applications and countless possibilities in printing options will be showcased. Attendees can take a short walk around the perimeter of the specially decorated wall, get inspired and see how the TexJet® dtg printers can apply to and benefit different business types and models so that they can grow their target market, attract more customers and increase sales!

Polyprint | Eco-friendly approach

TexJet dtg printers can be considered a sustainable and environmentally friendly solution. While most traditional printing methods waste big amounts of water, energy and products, dtg printing does exactly the opposite. The simplicity of the process as well as the ability to print on demand only what is necessary significantly reduces the amounts of water and energy waste. This year, Polyprint is trying to raise awareness of issues related to the environment through a symbolic movement of giving away reusable coffee cups from KeepCup and canvas tote bags. Attendees that visit the booth can learn more about how TexJet dtg printers are an eco-conscious solution, receive their eco-friendly gifts and join in the environmental challenge.