Chaggars Displays buys Mutoh ValueJet 1304 from Colourgen reseller, Design Supply

Mutoh Valuejet 1304pic

Southall, UK-based Chaggars Displays has purchased a Mutoh ValueJet 1304 from Colourgen reseller, Design Supply, to enable its business to further expand into the signage market space.

Chaggars Displays' printing and framing business has been established for some years, but as Ricky Chaggar explains, “We kept being asked if we could also provide signage. We wanted to extend our business, so we looked around for a printer that could not only cater for our printing and framing business, but also allow us to get in to the sign business cost effectively.”

He continues, “We had a limited budget and equally didn’t want to invest heavily at the start-up stage of the sign business.  Design Supply took us through a number of solutions, but it was clear that the eco-solvent Mutoh ValueJet 1304 was the best because it offered us the flexibility to print the output for both businesses.  Now we print vinyl, canvas, photographic, banner and backlit output all on the Mutoh.  As time goes by, I’m sure we’ll be doing even more with it. The printer is a great all-rounder and we are more than happy with it.”

The Mutoh ValueJet 1304 eco-solvent printer has a media width of 54" (1371.5mm) and print width of 53.36" (1355.5mm).  This printer is ideal for current users of water-based printers who want to branch out in to durable indoor and outdoor signage, but also for those more experienced users who want extra capacity and are limited on space.

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The Mutoh ValueJet 1304 is priced at £8,590 SRP ex VAT