Mimaki announces new Dye-sublimation Direct-to-Textile Printer

Mimaki Tx400-1800D

Mimaki Engineering Co., Ltd announces its new ink cost saving dye-sublimation and direct-to-textile inkjet printer, Tx400-1800D for textile printing. The Tx400-1800D will be shipped in Europe from February 2010 onwards.

TX400-1800D employs an innovative feature that enables the user to adjust the ink volume that is jetted by the print head according to the type of cloth and design. This offers the possibility of printing different color depths to achieve amazing design effects.

In addition, according to the print job, Tx400-1800D can accommodate both direct-to-textile and dye-sublimation printing employing sublimation media. It ensures that the machine’s possibilities enable broader product portfolios and higher productivity at print service providers.

Three different inks, dye sublimation ink, reactive dye ink and acid dye ink are available. Environmental impact is lowered as the ink is delivered in 2l-ink containers, whose outer case is reusable. This is also reflected in substantially lower ink costs.

The newly developed dye-sublimation ink excels in low vapor emission. In comparison with the former ink service providers will thus be able to control more than before the impact of vapor on the media as well as see a significant enhancement in image quality and sharpness.

Mimaki has equipped the Tx400-1800D with its Bulk Ink System (MBIS) and its patented UISS (Uninterrupted Ink Supply System) to ensure automatic switching of inks when one 2l-ink container runs empty without interrupting printing. A maximum of four liters of ink (2x2l per color) enables unattended printing for longer periods and to ensure bigger print runs.

The Tx400-1800D for direct-to-textile as well as dye-sublimation printing thus combines modern technologies for textile applications that are the driving force behind the move from screen printing to on-demand digital textile printing.

An additional model within the Tx400 series, that will be shipped from spring ’10 onwards, will feature an adhesion belt carrier system to stabilize flexible materials that tend to stretch and contract during printing.

“Tx400-1800D is a revolutionary development in uniting dye sublimation and direct-to-textile printing in one machine thus offering an unlimited choice in applications. We are happy that we can offer such a business enhancing machine to our customers”, says Kazuhide Yokoyama from Mimaki’s TA Business Unit.