GMG OpenColor, FlexoProof and ColorServer strengthens in-house capabilities at JFM Plates

gmg colorproof flexoproof colorserver

JFM Plates, a Manchester-based specialist reprographics and finished printing plate supplier, has invested in GMG FlexoProof, along with GMG’s spectral proofing engine, OpenColor. In addition, GMG ColorServer provides file re-separation to offer clients better press to proof consistency in conjunction with JFM’s platemaking service.

JFM Plates is an eight-employee organisation that offers creative design, proofing and wide-format digital printing, as well as platemaking services that include Full HD flexo, letterpress and litho: “Our aim is to provide a diverse range of services with the focus on offering exceptional customer service,” says Mark McKee, General Manager, JFM. “In order to keep abreast of ever-changing customer requirements we invest in our best-in-class Esko production workflow and automation software – hence our recent investment in GMG, which integrates seamlessly with this technology.”

“We realised that we needed to re-evaluate our proofing offering as our workflow continued to become more automated, and more repeatable,” says Mark. “Our previous proofing solution required considerable user intervention which, as customer needs grew and lead times fell, wasn’t a scalable process. At the same time, we noticed that we were receiving more and more requests to match output to proofs produced on Epson devices. We knew if we had the ability to both read-in and create MX4 profiles then the colour matching process would be almost seamless.”

After approaching GMG, JFM went through a considerable period of discussion and testing: “We wanted to be 100% certain that the solution was right for us – and our clients. I made numerous visits to GMG in Norwich to conduct my tests. GMG were unbelievably supportive – they even assigned me my own hot-desk in their offices!” says Mark.

GMG proposed a solution based on GMG FlexoProof and GMG ColorServer, together with the GMG InkOptimizer and GMG ProofControl applications, designed to offer JFM faster, more accurate colour-space conversions (reducing retouching times), the ability to ingest customers’ existing MX4 profiles, as well as having the capability to build bespoke MX4 profiles from supplied proofs.

JFM also invested in OpenColor – GMG’s spectral proofing engine, which has given JFM the ability to build MXN profiles from minimal data taken from the printed material. OpenColor has the ability to predict the overprints of any CMYK or CMYK and spot colour interaction, whilst also understanding how substrates, print sequence, dot gain, and finishing effects visually change the final result. MXN profiles can be taken from as little as 12 patches, as opposed to the previous 1,500+ patches used within MX4 technology, allowing JFM to build extremely accurate proofing profiles without always having to fingerprint the printing press.

GMG FlexoProof has established itself as the premier software solution for the production of high-accuracy digital contract proofs in the packaging market. Key to the success of FlexoProof is its unique 4-D colour transformation engine that ensures the highest possible quality and production reliability.

GMG ColorServer automates the colour normalisation of PDF files, providing highly-accurate CMYK to CMYK, RGB to CMYK and spot colour to CMYK conversions while preserving the integrity of the black channel. The result is a standardised and simplified colour management model that delivers consistent print results across any print process and substrate.

After a smooth installation and training period, JFM couldn’t be happier with the results: “GMG’s tech support has been fantastic,” says Mark. “They took the time to listen to our issues and requests, and proposed a set of solutions that more than delivered in terms of speed and the quality of the end result.

“GMG has helped us take the production of repro and platemaking to a higher level, with a more measured and efficient approach from start to finish. The ability to create and share MX4 data with other companies has been priceless and helped elevate our company in the minds of our customers, partners and staff.”

Toby Burnett, MD, GMG UK, says: “JFM Plates are a great example of how even modest-sized companies can make substantial quality and efficiency gains through the use of GMG’s technology. We are pleased to have been able to work with Mark to deliver a solution that has delivered tangible benefits for the business.”