Packaging market is focus of Color-Logic/ESKO collaboration

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The Color-Logic file format necessary to print the widely used Process Metallic Color System is now supported by Esko visualisation software.  As a result, brand managers and their designers can see the dramatic Color-Logic special effects and metallic colours on their monitor as they will appear on the finished product.  The Color-Logic format changes are part of Esko Studio Suite 14 release, which includes Visualizer 14.

Discussing the mutual effort leading to the Esko/Color-Logic collaboration in this area, Color-Logic Chief Technical Officer Richard Ainge says, "The Color-Logic Design Suite enables brand managers and their designers to add decorative effects to packages and collateral literature at a fraction of the time and cost previously associated with metallics.  This Color-Logic partnership with Esko enables brands using the Esko Studio Visualizer to see the Color-Logic special effects on their finished product.

"Color-Logic products now get to market faster and at lower cost, because designers can see the effects of metallic inks or substrates on their monitors at the concept stage and can create the white ink masks necessary for holographic and metallic substrates.   Esko users can utilise the entire Color-Logic Design Suite tool set, including changing substrates for visualisation when printing on metallic substrates with white ink or with metallic ink on regular stock in a fraction of the time required by traditional methods.

"The upgraded Esko Studio software is particularly useful for visualising the effect of Color-Logic BEST Offset Silver Ink when conventional lithographic packaging is being designed, plus Esko Studio can now import and recognise Color-Logic spot colours.  With the upgraded Esko Studio software, package designers can view the Color-Logic effect in three-dimensional models, adding layers such as varnish, embossing, and other special effects as desired.  A demonstration and training video, including installation instructions, is available to currently paid-up Color-Logic licensees."