Platinum Print installs GMG solutions to streamline proof production and increase output accuracy

Gmg Platinum

Platinum Print has recently integrated GMG software solutions to streamline proof production and increase output accuracy and consistency across its Epson, Mimaki, Ricoh and Konica digital printers and B2 Komori offset printing presses.

Celebrating its 25th year in business, this Harrogate-based print services provider offers a range of personalised direct mail, fulfilment, large-format and general commercial print to clients ranging from SMEs to national blue-chip companies. Since implementing GMG ColorProof, GMG ColorServer and GMG InkOptimizer, Platinum Print has been awarded Fogra certification, giving its clients an even higher level of quality assurance.

“Prior to installing GMG software, one of our biggest issues was maintaining consistent colour across all our output devices,” says Production Director Mark Plummer. “The front-end RIPs on our various devices delivered different results from each other, and did not offer the level of control that we were looking for. I was already familiar with industry standards such as Fogra and ISO 12647, and I was looking for a solution that could streamline and automate our production, all the while making the process of colour and profile management as easy as possible for our operators.”

GMG had been on Mark’s radar for a while as it was, in his opinion, one of only a handful of solutions on the market that could address all the issues surrounding colour management, device-independent output and ink optimisation. “GMG were one of the few suppliers that were able to come into our plant and demonstrate - with live samples - exactly how its solutions could address our issues,” says Mark. “Nobody else was able to do that. The results were head and shoulders above anything that we had seen from anyone else, and the system was very easy-to-use.”

“Thanks to GMG ColorProof, not only do our proofs match output with a higher degree of accuracy, but the subjective visual appearance of the proofs are quite amazing. Being able to both image and control output from the entire physical gamut of every device has enhanced our customer value offering.”

Platinum Print also installed GMG ColorServer, to deliver accurate and consistent results across different devices. “One of our requirements was the ability to quickly and easily deliver identical output no matter which device we print to. Using GMG ColorServer we can standardise and automate colour space conversions, to deliver fast and consistent results regardless of output device or substrate. The result is more efficient production, easier operator use and a reduction in time and material waste.”

Finally, Platinum Print invested in GMG InkOptimizer – but not just for reducing their ink costs –   Mark explains. “The vast majority of our work are short-to-medium run lengths, so we are certainly saving ink by using InkOptimizer. However, the more beneficial feature is the savings in ink drying times that the software enables. Often we’re asked to turn around jobs very quickly, and the reduced drying times that InkOptimizer delivers allows us to meet those challenging deadlines more easily.”

“GMG ColorProof, together with ColorServer and InkOptimizer, have allowed us to up our game by delivering higher quality and more accurate results to an ever more demanding client base. Together they are clear testimony to GMG’s commitment to providing solutions that not only address the needs of commercial offset, but also the specific demands of digital and large format print.”

Toby Burnett, MD GMG UK, says: “Platinum Print is a perfect example of a next-generation PSP needing fast, accurate, device-independent output that’s easy to use and maintain. GMG provides the perfect solution - removing output inconsistencies and standardising on a single user interface across all devices brings significant colour management and productivity gains.”