Caldera to demonstrate full support for HP PageWide printers at Viscom Italia

caldera hp pagewide

Caldera announces that its print software suite now includes full support for HP's PageWide range. Its signature RIP, Caldera V10, will demonstrate this as it drives the HP PageWide XL8000 at Viscom Italia, the premier European event which opens today in Milan.

The native speed of Caldera enables it to become amongst the first non-HP RIPs to support the throughput capabilities of the whole range of PageWide models – a combination that visitors to Viscom Italia will be able to see in action for the first time at the HP stand. This is particularly important for users wishing to extend beyond PageWide's natural ability for CAD applications into reproducing high resolution graphics applications, such as posters, point-of-sale work and other indoor signage that represents high-margin output for the machines.

V10's global architecture and consistent adoption of the latest version of the Adobe PDF Print Engine (APPE) already provide it with the data transfer power required to take total advantage of HP PageWide, which can output at a rate of 30 A1 prints per minute. This relies not only on its natural ability to harness, easily, the 67MB/s transfer rate necessary to drive these machines but also the in-built automation of job submission, color and media control, ensuring efficiency in delivery and production.

The addition of HP PageWide to Caldera's vast library of supported printers reflects the software manufacturer's extensive heritage in both the CAD and graphics markets, which it has served for almost 25 years – an anniversary the company will celebrate in 2016. During this time it has made sure to move in step not only with technology advances – such as the emergence of Pantone and other color management standards, media optimization and JDF – but also changes in the market to guarantee commercial reliability for its client-base.

"Stability is essential to drive a machine like HP PageWide and is one of the major reasons why customers choose Caldera," explains Joseph Mergui, Chief Executive Officer at Caldera. "It's important that we provide them with the ability to adopt exciting new platforms without having to change the way they print.

"Ensuring that our customers can incorporate the latest solutions and develop their business as they choose to is central to the Caldera promise," he continues. "We look forward to making sure Caldera users continue to be on the forefront of innovation in this way."