Wasatch SoftRIP TX Provides Seamless Solution for Italian Fine Fabric Manufacturer

Robustelli Monna Lisa

Wasatch SoftRIP TX has been instrumental in helping Canepa Tessitura Serica, a fabric manufacturer in Como, Italy, produce fine fabrics for clothing, accessories, furniture, and more. Since they began digital textile printing, they've been using SoftRIP TX because of its overall quality, advanced color management tools, and powerful features for textile printing.

Equipped with eight Konica Minolta Nassenger and four Robustelli Monna Lisa printers, the Canepa inkjet department works around the clock producing fine fabrics. "The 16-bit color rendering pipeline gives us perfect gradients, even when we're working with large pieces of fabric," said Egidio Pigozzi, inkjet department manager. "The powerful tools in SoftRIP TX, as well as the excellent technical support we receive, help us produce the fine fabrics we're known for."

"We've used Wasatch since we began digital textile printing," said Egidio. "Because of its overall quality and the ability to control ink drop size for lower ink consumption, SoftRIP TX was the obvious choice for us."

Staying on the cutting edge of design and technology has helped Canepa Tessitura Serica become one of the strongest silk companies in Italy. The powerful textile printing features in SoftRIP TX, such as specialized re-sampling and halftoning that eliminates seams between repeats, the ability to RIP a single pattern and efficiently repeat it in the software, and robust color management tools for maximum quality control, help Canepa stay ahead of their competition.

Wasatch SoftRIP is available in the UK and Europe from Tech8