Enfocus announces availability of Connect 11 product family

Enfocus Connectyou 11

Enfocus has announced the availability of its new Connect 11 product family designed to solve file problems at the creators' desktop saving them time, money and production delays.

The Connect 11 product family is designed to bridge the gap between designers and production professionals. It helps designers to deliver high quality files, right the first time, thus ensuring the production of high quality PDFs regardless of the document creation application used or the PDF skill levels at the designer level.

“PDF has become the file transfer format of choice, from the office environment to agencies, design firms and print service providers,” said Fabian Prudhomme, Enfocus Vice President. “But there are still many issues associated with creating high quality PDFs for print. Many print service providers spend excessive time on file review and correction after jobs are submitted.  We developed the Connect 11 product family of products to address these issues head-on by making the PDF creation and submission process consistent and predictable.  By complying with the Adobe® Normalizer - the market standard for PDF creation -  we have ensured that the Connect 11 product family is the simplest and most reliable means for producing reliable PDF output.”

Enfocus Connect uses state-of-the-art technology and replaces a pair of proven Enfocus products:  Instant PDF and PitStop Connect. The Connect family features a new level of PDF creation and quality control along with job delivery automation that makes collaboration between the designers and producers easy and consistent. Two versions of Enfocus Connect 11 product family are available - Connect YOU for individuals and Connect ALL for service providers or large creative groups.

Enfocus Connect YOU is an affordable, easy-to-use single-user solution that allows anyone to create high quality PDFs from any application and to deliver them automatically to a production site, including job instructions related to the file. PDFs are written to pre-set standards, then checked, corrected and uploaded automatically with one click. No special operator skills are required.

Enfocus Connect ALL allows print service providers to easily deploy and manage Connect solutions to an unlimited number of outside clients. Connectors can be customised for individual clients or created for general use functions, such as job submission, and distributed to many clients. Each Connector that is created can be totally tailored to create, verify and fix high-quality PDFs, collect electronic job ticket information, and deliver jobs to a variety of servers such as FTP, HTTP and Enfocus Switch.

Connector icons can be branded with a company logo or background to personalize the service even more. End-to-end automation is also made possible when combining Connect ALL with Enfocus Switch, offering a seamless automation environment for the graphic arts professional.

"Enfocus Connect 11 family is an impressive solution," says Enfocus customer Axel Robert, Prepress, Print Studio & Graphic Chain Quality Manager for Ubisoft. "Connect 11 product family offers ease of use and flexibility in the creation, verification and delivery of PDFs (and other file formats) for various production needs. The Connect 11 product family will be very useful for designers, making it easy for them to create and deliver quality PDFs to production — an impressive tool for the entire graphic arts supply chain."

For more information, please visit www.Enfocus.com.