New Fiery XF proServer maximises throughput of EFI VUTEk superwide inkjet printers

Efi Vutek Qs2000

EFI has launched a high-performance production solution for the complete line-up of EFI VUTEk® superwide format UV inkjet printers - the Fiery® XF proServer.  Fiery XF proServer offers a platform optimised for blazing fast image processing,expanded software options and support and maintenance that provide a full, end-to-end EFI solution.  The Fiery XF proServer is designed for optimal performance of the Fiery XF software to provide unparalleled RIP speed and printer throughput to increase productivity, performance and efficiency on every job.
Fiery XF proServer is a scalable system that improves printing, production and colour capabilities with its expanded set of Fiery XF options, high-performance hardware platform and integration with other EFI products such as the Pace management system and Digital StoreFront web-to-print platform.  EFI installs and configures the Fiery XF proServer with a VUTEk printer to ensure the whole solution works seamlessly.  An added benefit to customers is a complimentary 13-month support and maintenance plan on software and hardware, including free software upgrades and hardware replacement if needed. The customer now enjoys the benefits of having all pieces of the production workflow from one source - EFI.
Toby Weiss, general manager of the Fiery business unit and senior vice president of EFI, comments, "Our VUTEk customers operate in high volume, demanding environments. With speeds up to six times faster than our competitors, Fiery XF proServer maximises throughput and minimises processing time so customers can increase productivity and ultimately profits. Every minute of a performance gain reduces the VUTEk printer's idle time, which improves efficiency and lowers overhead costs by increasing the usage of existing equipment and resources. The payback of a Fiery XF proServer investment can be as little as several jobs or three hours of reduced printer idle time."
The Fiery XF proServer comes with an extended version of Fiery XF, an industry-leading inkjet production RIP solution. The complimentary second driver option supports an additional inkjet proofer, or smaller production printer, so users can proof one job on a smaller device while printing other jobs on the VUTEk printer simultaneously. This option saves money and time by eliminating non-revenue generating prints on the VUTEk printer, and cuts out unnecessary changes of media for creating a press proof.
Included with the Fiery XF proServer is the Color Verifier Option to ensure colour correct output on both production and proofing devices, by verifying a standard colour control strip or EFI's unique Dynamic Wedge against an industry or custom standard. Job-based, colorimetric correction is possible to ensure customer satisfaction, and reduce expensive trial and error reprints.
The Fiery XF proServer also integrates with other EFI products, such as Pace and EFI Digital StoreFront, to create an end-to-end, automated workflow that eliminates touch points, while improving speed and accuracy. Using JDF technology, bi-directional communication between Fiery XF proServer and select VUTEk printers allows direct job submission, reducing the risk of errors. Pace MIS software can provide important audit information, such as printing time, media and ink usage on VUTEk printers, so customers can manage costs more precisely.
The Fiery XF proServer is available now from EFI and its channel partners.