SAi launches Flexi 12 with new tools for signmakers and wide-format print businesses

SAi Flexi 12 LFR

SA International (SAi), the leading provider of software solutions for the professional sign making, wide-format digital printing and CAD/CAM for CNC machining industries, has announced the launch and worldwide availability of SAi Flexi 12, the most versatile version to date of its flagship software packages for signmakers and wide-format print businesses.

The launch deliberately coincides with the release of Microsoft® Windows® 10 on 29 July, to offer customers the benefits of the latest operating system, and is fully compatible with it, as well as with Microsoft Windows 7 and 8.

Not only does Flexi 12 bring new capabilities for print, cut and design, but it bundles existing Flexi features to give users a simplified way to benefit from all Flexi tools. With Flexi 12, there are three primary offerings instead of the previous eight: SAi FlexiSIGN (for vinyl cutting), SAi FlexiPRINT (for wide-format printers), and SAi FlexiSIGN & PRINT (for companies carrying out both operations) – all of which include design tools. These vector design and bitmap editing tools are also available in the stand-alone FlexiDESIGNER add-on.

“The automatic availability of SAi Flexi 12 to users with Flexi subscriptions – at no cost – once again demonstrates the value of SAi’s software subscription program,” said Gudrun Bonte, Product Director, SAi. “Flexi 12 is the future model of software for the sign and digital print market combining a reliable, comprehensive and versatile package with a low price and easy availability through subscription or one-time purchase.”

SAi FlexiSIGN combines all the signmaking and design tools found in earlier product variations.

Among the many new cut features are:

  • View and Change Vinyl Cutting Order – Often a time-consuming problem, this feature enables users to see the pattern in which design objects will be cut and allows it to be changed manually, or optimised by Flexi Design (within the program) for the best speed. It will also automatically optimise the starting point for cutting each object, saving more time and increasing throughput.
  • Animated Cut Viewer Tool – Users are now able to see exactly how designs will cut before actually cutting with an animated preview that shows all blade and cut movement for one or all vinyl colour layers.

New production features with SAi FlexiPRINT include:

  • Banner and Canvas Finishing Tools – Prepare all the finishing aspects of banners with grommet marks, folds, stitch marks and bleeds in a matter of seconds. Automatic bleed setting and marks accelerates throughput and accuracy over manual marking.
  • Job Nesting Alignment Tools – With a single click, alignment controls give fast job nesting placement across roll or sheet-fed media. Jobs can be nested left, right or in the center of the media, or along the edges for faster and easier cutting.

The fully featured Flexi Design application contained in every Flexi product includes among its new features:

  • Artwork Approval Tool – Unique to SAi, this tool provides a faster way of getting designs approved quickly while avoiding confusion. Using their SAi Cloud account, sign and print businesses can send designs to customers. Customers can then approve or make clear annotations on the design through a web browser and return it. Once changes are submitted, sign and print businesses are notified and can either proceed with production or submit a revision.
  • QR and Data Matrix Code Generation – A new QR Code Creator makes it fast and easy to add interactive elements to signage. Text is automatically converted for web links, email addresses, phone numbers and SMS messaging. A series of codes can be created automatically with the Auto Serialization Tool, saving time and ensuring accuracy.

A host of other new features geared toward efficient and precise design, cut and print are part of the Flexi 12 package, making SAi’s flagship software a robust solution for signmakers and print businesses.

“Restructuring the Flexi software portfolio has made it possible to bring together the most powerful combination of tools on the market at a price no other supplier can offer. At a time when competition is tight and jobs are price-sensitive, SAi Flexi 12 offers signmakers and wide-format businesses an established collection of tools that easily integrates with cutters and printers of all types, and extends the capabilities of users,” Bonte concludes.

New Version 12 software packages of SAi FlexiSIGN, FlexiPRINT, FlexiSIGN & PRINT and Flexi Subscription are available now through authorised SAi resellers. Existing SAi Flexi and PhotoPRINT owners can purchase upgrades to SAi Flexi 12 through their dealers. All current SAi Flexi Subscription users automatically receive the new Version 12 software at no cost as part of their software subscription. Visit for more information.

The licenses of subscription users will automatically be converted into version 12 licenses. Users with traditional licenses for Flexi 11 products will be able to upgrade to Flexi 12 licenses. Flexi 12 is available on both subscription and traditional license bases.