Future survival of the print industry to be tackled at Ipex 2010 Great Print Debates

IPEX 2010

A series of free of charge expert panel debates at Ipex 2010 will tackle some of the most critical issues facing the print industry today. Produced by world print authority, Pira International in association with Ipex, the Great Print Debates will bring together experts, thought leaders and high-profile industry representatives from 18-25 May 2010.

“The printing industry needs more debate and discussion” explains Frank Romano, Professor Emeritus, Rochester Institute of Technology and Great Debate chairperson. “We are at a crossroads in terms of new printing technology, changes in customer marketing and challenges to print. We need to band together to develop new markets, new print products, and new ideas - and convince the world that print is still an important and viable form of communication.”

Four pressing questions will be considered: More than ink on paper: how should printers be selling print?, What will the printer of the future look like?, Will an Ipod for publishing kill printed media? and Green print: is it worth it? With full audience participation and interaction, the Great Print Debates will take expert commentary, lively debate and audience interactivity to a completely new level.

The Debates come at a critical time according to Pira Consultant and Great Debate chair, Sean Smyth. “The industry is in an unprecedented period of change, exacerbated by the deep recession. Cash conservation is a short-term tactic, not a strategy to build a successful business. These debates provide an opportunity for industry players to put their heads above the parapet and think about how their businesses, and their careers, might progress satisfactorily under new conditions.”

Joining Sean Smyth and Frank Romano as Debate chairs will be Neil Falconer, Senior Consultant, Pira International and Laurel Brunner, Digital Dots. Panellists include Rob Haak, President, SPIKIX; Adam Dewitz, Director of Technology, WhatTheyThink.com; Stephen Goddard, Environmental Leadership Program Manager, Hewlett Packard and Marcia Balisciano, Director of Corporate Responsibility, Reed Elsevier. For a full list of panellists see http://www.ipex.org/greatprintdebates

Audience participation and interaction using simple polling technology will allow real-time feedback and drive the questioning of the panel chair, pushing the experts out of their comfort zone. Looking forward to the Debates, Laurel Brunner of Digital Dots reminds the industry, “It's all too easy to forget that understanding important issues only comes with interaction and participation.”

Debate participants will take away an exclusive study with scenarios and forecasts to 2020. With input from a special panel of authoritative print and publishing experts from around the world,
Print to 2020 will provide a unique global summary of the major challenges, threats and opportunities facing the printing industry. Building upon the themes discussed at the Ipex/Pira forums, the study will offer an exclusive roadmap for how these issues are likely to develop over the next ten years. Print to 2020 is published by Pira International.

The Great Debates will take place from 13.00 - 14.00 in the Printers’ Profit Zone.